New website!

You sure do, buddy. You suuuuure do.

My original website (beautiful as it was) was built towards the end of my web development program at Algonquin College in 2012. It was actually the first properly responsive website I'd built, a fact which I proudly pointed out in the site's footer. It also mercilessly overused text shadows. So, so many text shadows. Two agency jobs and dozens of web projects later, I'd gotten to the point where if someone mentioned they'd seen my website, I'd kind of groan and make some excuses about how I'd made that ages ago.

Well, no more! I'm aiming to keep things simple design-wise, but under the hood the new site is powered by the incredible Craft CMS. If you're a web developer trapped in the world of WordPress, I highly recommend you check this out - it's a joy to work with. One of the major reasons I decided to go this route instead of building another single-page, flat-HTML informational site is that I'm aiming to actually start doing some writing on a regular basis, so stay tuned for that!

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