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Building a polls plugin in Craft

Recently a client requested some basic poll functionality for their site that we were planning to build in Craft. I was a bit surprised to see that the Craft plugin directory didn't list anything for "poll" or "survey". Of course there are a lot of third-party apps you could use for this kind of thing, but ... read more ›

Moving from WordPress to Craft

A few weeks ago I attended an event here in town for devs and designers. I got talking to a few freelancers and developers from other agencies, and I kept finding myself talking about Craft CMS. It's sometimes hard for me to remember that the majority of people, even in the web industry, still probably haven't heard of ... read more ›

New website!

My original website (beautiful as it was) was built towards the end of my web development program at Algonquin College in 2012. It was actually the first properly responsive website I'd built, a fact which I proudly pointed out in the site's footer. It also mercilessly overused text shadows. So, so many text shadows. Two agency jobs and dozens of ... read more ›

Quick Tips: Craft CMS

Over the last year, I've built out six mid- to large-size sites in Craft. I've learned a lot of useful lessons during that time, and I thought I'd share a couple of the tricks I've used. I owe a huge thanks to the helpful community over on the Craft Slack #help channel, who've come up with solutions I'd ... read more ›