Hello there!

My name is Gregor Terrill and I'm a web developer from Ottawa, Canada with over a decade of agency experience.

I currently work for the digital agency Alphabet®, building web experiences primarily for clients in the third sector and tourism spaces. Prior to that, I spent six years with Craft&Crew working with clients in tech and post-secondary education.

While I do all sorts of strategy and development, I specialize in content-rich websites built on Craft CMS and web apps built on Laravel.

Screenshots of websites on various devices

What I Do

I've worked on hundreds of websites for clients of all sizes in all sectors. My work centers around:

Content Management Systems

WordPress? Sure. Craft CMS? Even better! Something else? Let's talk.

Front-End Frameworks

Need some interactivity? I'm capable with Vue, Gridsome, Nuxt, Alpine, and Svelte.

APIs + Integrations

Integrate data from other services or make yours available to others.


Is your project on the trusty old LAMP stack or the shiny new JAM stack? I can do both.

My Development Values

When it comes to building websites for clients, here's what I focus on:

Responsive Design

It's 2024. Your website needs to not just work, but be a pleasant experience on all devices from mobile to ultra-widescreen.


Your content is for everyone. Your site should follow best practices and WCAG guidelines to help people access it.


Your website needs to load quickly to keep visitors happy and keep Google satisfied. I test and tweak for the best results.

Authoring Experience

Editing your content shouldn't be a painful experience. It should be quick, intuitive, and — dare I say — occasionally even fun.


From page layouts to heading capitalization, I'm a stickler for consistency. If it doesn't look intentional, it looks messy.

Solving Problems

Any developer can build a website. A good one will offer solutions and improvements to help you address your business needs.

What Have I Been Up To?